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Why Aren't You Using an Organic Natural Body Care Product?

| Wednesday, June 10, 2009
It's unbelievable! Consumers continue to purchase and use face creams and body lotions made from a slew of synthetic chemicals. With all the knowledge and information available about the potential risks of using these products, I have to ask, "why aren't you using an organic natural body care product?"

Using a body care product that has been developed to support and enhance the health of human skin makes much more sense than rubbing on petroleum-based oils, dioxanes, parabens, alcohols and fragrances.

Medical science has shown that prolonged exposure to these chemicals causes the pores to become clogged, preventing the body's natural ability to "breathe" and excrete these toxins out of the skin. This can lead to irritation, flareups and breakouts.

As a body care product, I would say that this leaves much to be desired.

However, the rationale that supports the use of an organic natural body care product makes a lot of sense.

The skin is "natural" so organic ingredients, harvested from nature, share a basic compatibility that makes it possible for the two to work together for a healthful benefit to the skin.

Medical science has also proven that true treatment and healing of the skin can only take place at the cellular level. Using a body care product that contains ingredients that can be readily absorbed and utilized by the cells is going to have a significant effect on supporting healthy skin cell function.

So what type of ingredients am I referring to? Well, during my efforts to find an effective organic natural body care product, I came across a laboratory in New Zealand that is making great strides in advancing natural, organic skin care.

This company's focus is on research, development and testing of the most effective organic, nature-based substances. There are many, but let me just tell you about one.

Cynergy TK is a special ingredient harvested from the wool of a special New Zealand sheep. I know this won't seem strange to you if you've heard of lanolin, another substance taken from wool.

Because it contains keratin, a skin protein found in the body, Cynergy TK helps to enhance the structure of the skin. This amazing bio-active substance also stimulates collagen production, as well as, the growth of new skin cells.

Make no mistake about it. If you want healthy, beautiful skin, look for an organic natural body care product. Stop by my web site and I can help you with your search.
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