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Getting pregnant after a Miscarriage

| Wednesday, June 10, 2009
As you probably know, Miscarriages are Very Common, more than one in eight pregnancies ends in an early loss. The most common reason for a miscarriage is one in eight numbers appeared.

The chances of success next time is good. But do not be surprised if you are feeling extra anxious about it.

Usually recommend waiting until you've had two menstrual periods after a miscarriage before trying to get pregnant. This is not about the risks - once the bleeding has stopped, it is safe to have sex and get pregnant right away, it is more dangerous to you or the pregnancy is slowing a bit - but wait a few months helps prevent the stress and confusion.

Why would it be? Most women do not ovulate immediately after the Loss of a Pregnancy, so the periods may be delayed or erratic during this time. The probability of getting pregnant in the first few weeks are minimal, but the possibility that you wonder if you are pregnant is high because the period will not come regularly during this time. This means that every day you're thinking you might be pregnant, wondering if you should run a pregnancy test to worry about what you are eating and drinking ... for nothing. Using a barrier method of birth control until two periods eliminates this wasted worrying.

Another advantage to restore their periods is that you definitely know when you are pregnant. This helps date the pregnancy, allowing you to recognize that an embryo develops within a few weeks of conception, so take the best care of you and your small.

Once you have a pregnancy test, your doctor or midwife will help you be certain this pregnancy is OK. Women who have previously abortion often want to hear the quiet heartbeat or see it on ultrasound as soon as possible.
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