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Dr. Clark’s Products and their Uses

| Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark must surely be one of the most innovative people of our times in the subject of alternate medicine. A doctor in physiology since 1958, Dr Clark has had her first 25 years of research in cancer in a government institute. A disillusioned Dr Clark took up cancer research on her own thereafter and developed her protocol on which her medicine is founded. Dr Clark’s holistic approach towards treatment of life threatening maladies including cancer and HIV/AIDS is based on this protocol. The protocol is based on personal hygiene, water, dental care, the environment, diet and prescribed additives. As fallout of Dr Clark’s protocol and her individual form of alternate medicine, Dr Hulda Clark products are now available in specialized stores. Dr. Hulda Clark store is the outlet for a large variety of her prescriptions, personal care products, vitamins, books and videos, equipment and items on sale among many others.

Hulda Clark products on sale are typically those, which are close to their expiry dates. Some examples include alkaline salts, sage oil, Taurine, Ginkgo and Potassium Gluconate. Important products on sale at Hulda Clark store are equipment designed by Dr Clark. These equipment are the Zapper, the Zappicator, the frequency generator, the colloidal silver maker as well as various cleansers like for the kidneys, the bowel and the liver.

Almost every Dr Hulda Clark store offer videos of the treatment advocated by Hulda Clark alongside her books. The books written by her include “The cure for all diseases”, “The cure for all cancers”, “The cure for HIV and AIDS” and some others on dental care, cholesterol and parasites. The videos include some on self-curing methods and Dr Clark’s interview.

Personal care products marketed by Dr Hulda Clark store include borax, olive oil soap with lavender, dental adhesive besides other dental care products like oregano tooth paste, 17.5% Hydrogen Peroxide and dental bleach.

Hulda Clark store also markets Dr Clark’s 21-day program, tool kits and substances, anti oxidants program, laboratory analyses and heart and circulatory support items. Clearly Dr Clark’s protocol is based on well-founded precepts, which can reduce human ailments.
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