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5 Proven Methods Used To Treat Hair Loss

| Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Wigs: When all have failed and one is tired of further medications, wigs can be used to disguise the situation. When well done, it appears natural and fits very well. They come in all sorts of texture, length and color to correct the deformity.

Different Hair Styles: In situations where not all the hair has falling off, different hair styles are created to make the head look like one which is fully grown. Synthetic hair are mostly used to add on to the existing ones and styled to give out the needed appearance and effect.

Hair Transplant: As the term depicts, hairs are removed from other parts of the head and then planted into the scalp by means of surgery. Like any other surgery in that category, it takes time to heal the needed effect. It is comparably expensive.

Lotion Application: With this method, a special lotion available from the pharmacist is regularly applied to the scalp. Its effect is to slow down the process of hair loss. It also enhances hair growth. The disadvantage here is the situation where it has to be applied all the time otherwise it will be ineffective.

Herbal preparations containing vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, iron, and other substances in various combinations can help. This method is applied if your doctor has been able to identify that there is a deficiency of the above nutrients in the body.

In conclusion, don't despair if you are losing your hair. Don't be nervous, there is a way to stop fighting with your feelings .Be confident.
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