Health is the priceless treasure and more expensive than money : Principles and applications of Medical Imaging Market

| Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Medical Imaging Markets ( ) gives that There will be a steady increase in demand for medical imaging services, along with pressures to improve the quality of healthcare delivered in the home and to lower its cost. The medical imaging segments are poised for a major new phase of growth fueled by the availability of new technology coming out of the computer and digital information technology segment, and the higher interest of individual older baby boom patients and general healthcare consumers to monitor health status. Continuous improvements in technology are resulting in a growing number of new imaging tests that combine high levels of accuracy with rapid, easy-to-use product formats. Digital mammography is driving more screening programs.

The purpose of this report is to describe the specific market segment of the diagnostics market sector called medical imaging. This sector includes all of the generally-accepted imaging activities that are currently used today, including X-ray and radiography, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, gamma camera market, computed tomography (CT) scans and positron emission tomography (PET) scans. It examines these clinical measurement devices and their reagents and supplies as used in hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices. It also includes associated market segments like picture archiving and communications system (PACS) markets, cardiology imaging markets, three-dimensional (3D) imaging markets and other emerging technologies.

The principal objectives of this report are to:

* Identify viable technology drivers through a comprehensive look at various platform technologies for medical imaging markets.

* Obtain a complete understanding of the chief medical imaging markets tests--predictive, screening, prognostic and monitoring--from their basic principles to their applications.

* Discover feasible market opportunities via an identification of high-growth applications in different imaging areas, with a focus on the biggest and expanding markets for medical imaging markets.

* Focus on global industry development through an in-depth analysis of the major world markets for medical imaging, including forecasts for growth.

* Establish the essentials of the medical imaging market including definitions, processes and trends.

Market figures regarding the current value of the medical imaging market are taken from the most recently available data of the global medical products industry. This report will cover the following categories of medical imaging:

· General radiography and digital X-ray (DR) products.
· Mammography.
· Computed tomography.
· Magnetic resonance imaging.
· Ultrasound.
· Gamma camera imaging.
· Positron emission tomography.

Analysis includes the use of charts and graphs measuring product growth and trends within the marketplace. In addition, a discussion of research into the medical imaging arena provides the reader with a deeper understanding of the possibilities for future treatment and avenues for possible research and development (R&D) budgets. Company-specific information, including sales figures, product pipeline status and research and development trends is provided throughout the report.

The report will:

* Assess the medical imaging market drivers and bottlenecks, from the perspective of the medical and scientific communities.

* Discuss the potential benefits of the medical imaging market for various sectors of the medical and scientific community.

* Establish the current total market size and future growth of the medical imaging market and analyze the current size and growth of various segments.

* Provide current and forecasted market shares by company.

* Discuss profit/business opportunities by imaging segment.

* Provide strategic recommendations for near-term business opportunities.

* Assess current commercial uses of the medical imaging market.

* Assess the medical imaging business models.

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