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Is the Pain of Skin Acne Making You Miserable? Stop the Pain

| Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Skin Acne making your miserable? Remove skin acne? Is it possible?
There are several steps that you can and should take to remove skin acne. Learn how a unique approach works for most people.


The only causes of acne that are fully understood include inflammation of the sebaceous glands and an overproduction of a specific type of bacteria. Yet, what contributes to that inflammation and why there is an overgrowth of bacteria is not as well understood.

Decades ago, doctors focused on their patient’s diet. Then we were told that food was not a factor, that the bacteria were the biggest problem. Doctors prescribed antibiotics both orally and to apply topically. But, they were only so effective. Today, it looks like diet does play a role and that many of the products that were once recommended actually contribute to the problem.

If you take a holistic approach, treat the body from the inside out and from the outside in, you can remove skin acne. Not only will your appearance improve, but you will have less chance of scarring and your sense of well-being will improve, as well. Let’s start with diet.

Contributing Dietary Factors

Studies indicate that simple carbohydrates, which have a high glycemic index, contribute to the release of certain compounds within the body that stimulate the sebaceous glands and can cause them to become irritated and inflamed.

Simple carbs are things like soft drinks, bread, potatoes and rice. Most baked goods and junk foods also have a high glycemic index. Fruits, vegetables and other complex carbohydrates do not. So, if you want to remove skin acne, try to reduce the number of simple carbs that you eat, while increasing the number of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C and E. Research has shown that low levels of those vitamins are associated with acne. So, try to improve your nutritional intake. One group of researchers recommend increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids, the nutrient found in fish oil.

Cleanse Gently

Over-cleansing contributes to inflammation. Do not use scrubs, exfoliants, micro-beads or cleansers of any kind. Only use soap when necessary. Try to find one that contains active manuka honey. It has natural antibacterial activity, which can help address the overproduction of bacteria, assuming that it is one of the causes.

Products to Avoid and Those to Look For

Avoid any cosmetic or skincare product that contains petrolatum, mineral oil or paraffin. Those ingredients clog the pores and contribute to blemishes.
If you use harsh products that are designed to remove skin acne, follow up with an inflammation fighting moisturizer. Actually, whenever you wash your skin, you should use a moisturizer that contains natural anti-inflammatories. You should also take a good multi-nutritional supplement on a regular basis.

The nutritional supplement that I recommend treats the problem from the inside out, containing all of the vitamins and minerals that are likely to be missing from your diet. It also contains a number of natural anti-inflammatories. Anti-inflammatories have proven benefits in resolving acne.

Also the right kind of moisturizer will help remove skin acne, because it also contains natural anti-inflammatories. Reduce inflammation and you will resolve the problem. And now, for more information see my website below on how to remove skin acne.
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