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Pheromone - Affects the health of women

| Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Already treat here of experiments and observations that suggest the possibility of pheromones in humans

Pheromones are substances produced by certain animals such as insects and some mammals, able to influence the behavior of other individuals of the same species. Are subtle means of communication?

That article said, among other things, that women living or working together tend to manifest their menstrual cycles synchronize. This incidentally one of the first indications of the existence of human pheromones in our species, The researchers cited confirmed this phenomenon and showed that body odors, including the axillaries, really affect the menstrual cycles.

These researchers have gone further and said that male odors are capable of maintaining women's health, especially with regard to the reproductive system. They found that women who have relation with men at least once a week, show a greater likelihood of having normal menstrual cycles, less likely to have problems of infertility and more lenient that those relations have kept spinster or rare or sporadic .

Finally, it appears that the male odor, or the presence of man, is very important for maintaining the health of women. Cutler believes that the doctor that the use of cosmetics based on essence of male odors may change, and very, well-being of women. Exist, however, patent applications for products of this kind. The problem is not yet isolated or identified the 200 and all components of male and female odors.

In one of many experiences, axillaries secretions collected from seven men and women to examine the possible effects of pheromones. The volunteers used pads in the armpits for 18 to 27 hours per week for 3 months. The "male essence" was mixed with alcohol and applied to the upper lip of six women with menstrual cycles anomalous and unrelated to any man at this time. The cycles of these women agreed to all the 29.5 days. This is not the case with the control group, if women who had irregular cycles and have applications in the lip, the only alcohol (no "essence").

In similar experiment performed with female substance applied to ten women are noted for their impressive synchronization menstrual cycles, which were not observed in the control group.

The effects of the implementation of axillaries essence are similar to those of regular relations, but naturally the weakest. The effects of relational health in women have shown that the presence of humans is necessary, but does not require the presence of relational intercourse. The regular relation alleviates the effects of infertility, regularizing the menstrual cycles.

Doctor today exposure to pheromone is the essence of relation. “If it is, to say and many cosmetics, lotions and things like that are used to beautify a woman and supposedly make it more attractive? They are not preventing or hindering the reception of male relational pheromones? We create with these things, a type of artificial relation attraction? That will tell us the future, when the market creams and lotions made with essence of axilla male or female?

There now undertake similar studies on the effects of pheromones, axillary and others, on female health and general man.
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