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Don't Lose Your Hair!! I DID!!

| Tuesday, June 9, 2009
For me, it all started back in 1995 when I started wearing natural hair extension 'clip-ons'. They were fine in the beginning until after wearing them so much, I happen to look in the mirror at the back of my head and see bald patches wherever there was a clip. I was shocked and frightened. I knew then I had to find something else as I really wanted to have 'pretty' hair. So then I decided to try having hair extensions weaved into my own hair. I did that a couple times and found that was extremely costly plus it only lasted about 3 months and on top of it made my head look big. You would not want to wear a hat and I love hats. So I then decided that I would just forget about them and cut my own hair short in a one length Bob so that my hair could look as thick as I could possibly get it

I then cut my own hair for awhile but after some time again decided to try the hair extensions as I really wanted longer, prettier hair and I was determined this could happen for me. I had free consultations for pinch braids type hair extensions. I was absolutely shocked at the price they wanted plus they looked ridiculous. You could see these braids perfectly clear that were attached to the extension hair. It is such a dumb look that I could not believe that people actually wear these.

Then I checked out hair bonding. I watched carefully how they did that. It is basically an adhesive that attaches the hair extension to your skull. Again, I felt uncomfortable with this method because I could see that this could easily cause damage to my own hair again. It even tears out your hair at the roots.

Well, you would think I would give up by now but I continued my journey to find something I could do to have gorgeous natural hair.

I then checked out hair fusion where little groups of your own hair are attached to little groups of extension hair by an adhesive. My common sense told me 'NO WAY'. The thin hair I already had would be damaged and thinner. At this time, I was hearing reports of women who had used this system and the nightmares they had experienced. Could this be why Britney Spears shaved her head?

I still proceeded ahead thinking there has to be a better way. I heard about plastic tubes that attach your hair to the hair extension by melting the plastic to your hair using a hot tool. Then when you take them out after 3-4 months by putting on a solution, they are supposed to come loose and come out. Well, I thought I would try that. I was apprehensive but did it anyway. I guess I was getting desperate for something to work. This was expensive too and had to be maintained every 3-4 months.

Shortly, by total fluke, I happened to run across a whole different type of human hair extension and I knew instantly there was no more searching needed. THIS WAS IT! WOW! I was so excited.

It has taken me 11 years and now 3 years later and I will not use any other method of natural hair extensions. This is so great. This human hair extension takes about 1 minute to put on so you can style your hair quickly and be ready for any event whether work, shopping, wedding and look beautiful. I put mine on every morning and take it off at the end of the day. It is so simple to do that even a kindergartner could do it. Best of all, it is comfortable, secure, no damage to my hair, a small fraction of the price, and made from human hair so blends perfectly with my own hair.. I have very little upkeep and I can do this myself too. It is such a high quality. And on top of it, my own hair is becoming healthy. I can even have different lengths and styles for variety.

It is so wonderful having gorgeous hair and getting attention wherever I go from men and women both because of the beautiful hair I have. It makes me look and feel good about myself.
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