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Do Hair Removal Products Work?

| Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Issues With Hair Removal Products

Most of us have unwanted hair somewhere on our face and body. It’s a fact of life. New hair removal products are reaching the market at impressive speeds and they offer to take care of these cosmetic problems in the comfort of our own homes. Before you purchase one of these products for the purpose of permanent hair reduction however, consider the pros and cons. You may be surprised at how different they are from the proven professional treatments, such as laser hair removal, that today are easily accessible in spas and clinics.

Electric Tweezers: Tweezers send current down into hair follicle to damage the root. If you have plenty of time on your hands, you may have considered electric tweezers as a means to get rid of unwanted hairs. These little gadgets operate only on one hair at a time, and each hair requires several seconds of application. People who use tweezers are often drawn to electrical tweezers without thinking of how much slower they are to use. As a result they often only use them as tweezers without achieving any permanent hair removal at all. In fact, even when used right electrical tweezers have not been clinically proven to permanently remove hairs.

Transdermal Electrolysis: Conductive gel and electricity that damage the hair root. Sometimes we have smaller areas where unwanted hairs keep annoying us. Transdermal electrolysis can be one way to remove these hairs without the use of a needle. Many consider transdermal electrolysis for isolated, light colored hairs or for hairs around the bikini line – the pain associated with treating larger areas makes this a limited-use procedure. Kits for doing this treatment at home are being sold in pharmacies and online but unfortunately these come with risks of scarring. To minimize the risk of scarring and to reduce the pain of transdermal electrolysis you need an experienced specialist to provide you with the procedure. When it comes to permanent hair removal, this method can be effective if done right. But if you need to see a specialist, why not opt for a safer and more comfortable option such as laser hair removal instead?

Hair Growth Inhibitors: Creams, foams or lotions that inhibit hair re-growth. Permanent body hair removal can be daunting. Hair growth inhibitors, a topical solution, can seem like an easy and hassle-free way to make those irritating hairs disappear. But do they really work? This is certainly up for debate. While it is true that some hair growth inhibitors can keep hairs from coming back, they have not yet been proven to permanently remove hairs. If you use one of the available creams, foams or lotions that are said to inhibit hair re-growth you will have to keep reapplying it for the results to remain. In some cases reapplication is required twice per day. Ultimately, hair growth inhibitors are not yet at a stage where they can be compared to other permanent hair reduction or removal therapies. When compared to treatments that may require larger upfront investments, such as laser hair removal, inhibitors may seem like a more affordable way to go. But when you add up the long-term costs and hassle of continually applying these products you are sure to think differently.

Before you consider buying and using any permanent hair removal products by yourself, take the time to research and ask your friends for recommendations. If you have considered going to a salon there is no reason for you not to pay a spontaneous visit. Many clinics and spas offer complimentary consultations for laser hair removal and other therapies. You may save yourself plenty of money, effort and pain by seeking the services of an experienced professional.
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