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What Causes Frigidity in Women?

| Tuesday, June 9, 2009
The desire to have sex is a paramount factor and if there is no desire in both the partners, coition is merely a formality or an obligation or compulsion. In such case coition is only a meeting of bodies but not of minds. For a successful lovemaking, meeting of body and mind is of utmost necessity.

Frigidity is the condition when either of the partners fails to measure up to the sexually heightened, voluptuous sprees and advances of the other partner. It implies sexual coldness or unresponsiveness towards sex. Women of frigid nature do not respond to sexual advances of men, and end up as passive non-performers during intercourse.

The woman of frigid nature may show or actually be indifferent towards intercourse (sexual) and may indulge and participate in it simply as a part of her duty towards her husband. She does not reach her orgasm, even though she enjoys it. There is a feeling that her participation is quite normal and also that woman’s performance is also identical so far as intensity and pleasure are concerned.

She may nurture a positive repugnance for sexual intercourse but her body freezes even on an idea of having coitus. She is merely a passive participant. Some women are scared of when a surgeon probes fingers into her vagina. Even the idea of male penetrating his penis into her vagina may send shivers down her spine, cause spasms in vagina. In either case, it is the fear of penetration that triggers frigidity syndrome. Below are some more contributory factors of frigidity, apart from the ones already indicated above –

Inhuman behavior of male members with mothers, sisters and also discriminatory treatment.

• Inbuilt psycho phobia about intercourse.

• Lack of proper sex knowledge. She has no idea of male and female sex organs and the individual utility and functions of each organ.

• Fear of rupture of hymen or if the same has already been ruptured in premarital period, she is suspicious that her husband may suspect her virginity.

• Even ignorance of male, in respect of sexual posture and foreplay, drive a woman away from sexual indulgence.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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