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Summer Makeup Tips

| Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Summer here we are. It's time to have tank-top and shorts but how about your fact? The makeup in summer should be light and is mostly aimed at protecting the skin from exposure to sun rays. Here are some tips to keep your skin healthy, make your makeup last longer and keep you looking fresh.

Let your skin breathe and use sheer makeup that serve more than one purposes. It is important to keep the humidity locked in as sweating dries skin out. So, lock away your foundation for the season and use a light moisturizer with sun block instead.
Lightly dust translucent powder all over your face after you have applied your makeup, especially over your eyes.
Shimmer. Bold, bright and sparkly colors reign supreme this season. For daytime drama, sheer yet shimmery eye shadows and lip colors in bronze, gold and rose are sexy and office-suitable.
For night, metallic shadows from silver and gold to midnight black, lipstick in glittery red and frosty fuchsia and super-wet gloss.

Day or night, finish your look with a touch of bronzing powder across your cheeks. If you prefer to be a natural beauty, body shimmer lotion on bare skin leaves you looking sun-kissed and irresistible.
In case, you haven't taken the precaution already and the damage is already done, use a foundation with the shade of your tanned skin to cover the area under your eyes and blend it well with the rest of the face. Then use nude or light brown eye shadow to give them a natural look.
Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to keep from getting black smudges around your eyes.
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